The majority of businesses and people who promote themselves through social media may not have considered the promotional value of Wikipedia and the unsung and unknown Wikipedia editors that toil away refining all of the entries on Wikipedia but they should. The proof comes from an analysis of entries on Wikipedia about the Roman Empire and the editing process conducted by an economist, a marketing expert, and a computer communications expert.

The researchers focused on the editing process as a means of determining the validity of the information on Wikipedia and the promotional value that Wikipedia editing has for any subject. The results were presented in the July 2016 issue of Management Science.

The results show that Wiki articles are more concise than Tweets and convey a message more clearly. The study confirms that the number of editors involved in any subject increases the speed of the reader’s grasp of any content and includes more sources that add validity to the article. The overall impact made when someone chooses to edit a Wikipedia page was to decrease the number of words and increase the attractiveness of the article in terms of visual appeal and text.

Some people who may be hesitant to make a Wikipedia page and the host of expert editors because “anyone” can edit a Wiki are mistaken. The rigorous validation of editor’s qualification by Wikipedia before they can edit a Wiki article has been enhanced by artificial intelligence programs that ferret out and eliminate entries that are spam or attempted vandalism. Your image is safe and untarnished.

The major benefit you get when you hire Wiki editors to a business or person who wants to increase their online presence and direct traffic to their linked pages in Wiki is the level of expertise that editors have. You may be the world’s next genius but that does not guarantee that you can write in a way that present SEO strategies promote to the top of search lists.

Try one search to convince yourself. You will find that Wikipedia is one of the top ten if not the top three search results for any subject. The evidence is clear that Wiki editors know how to write for placement that gets your business or your personal ambition noticed by a larger audience than you can.

You can take the SEO monkey off your back and the strain of constant updates by contacting Get Your Wiki at for seriously professional editorial assistance that gets you noticed. The words are authentic and verifiably accurate. Wikipedia is the encyclopedia people trust and the editors made that happen.

Being a worldwide known entity, Wikipedia offers its readers the world at their fingertips. Not only it is a great resource of information, it is also a great hub to share information, add your own expertise, and provide the correct information on topics that may need correction as well. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should conduct your research on Wikipedia, as well as joining the number of Wikipedia editors and subject experts who collaborate on it.

1. Worldwide recognition: if you want to inform the world about you, your entity or any topic, learning how to make a Wikipedia page is the perfect first stop. Search engines find Wikipedia pages in the top categories of your search results; therefore, your word can be known to the world in a matter of seconds.

2. Reliability: since its beginning, 2001, Wikipedia experts have analyzed the growth of its content. They can proudly say that over one thousand articles have been edited and have been brought to perfection. Having 43% of all Wikipedia revisions count as pure additions and only 8% as corrections. This way you can be sure that the information you find is the right information.

3. It’s easy: as a subject-matter expert and/or business owner, you’ll find it will be easy to join the world’s largest encyclopedia, while also being able to correct or update a Wikipedia page with the information you would like to share with the world. Wikipedia’s easy system will provide you with the right tools to promote your knowledge, and the tools you can use to your advantage and for your own brand.

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Talk Fusion Video Chat product has won its second award this year. The 2016 Communication Solutions Products Award proves that the video chat product is a revolutionary cross-communication platform that is set to be a game changer in the industry. The ceremony was held on August 15, 2016.

The prize honors outstanding products and services in the communication sector. These products are designed for chatting, video or voice communication. For a product to win, it must be new or one that has undergone significant improvements in the last one year. According to Rich Tehrani, the chief executive officer of Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), the honorees of the award represent the best-of-the-best solutions and products in the market. TMC hosts the awards. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire as provided in the following link

Talk Fusion Video Chat uses the powerful WebRTC technology that enables users of the platform to engage in face-to-face communication with other users in any part of the globe. In addition, the product does not discriminate on the device that one uses. It can be used on all smart phones, tablets and personal computers. The chat app can be downloaded from either Google Play or iTunes depending on one’s device. It was released in March 2016.

Speaking during the ceremony, Bob Reina said that the product marks the first step in the company’s journey towards providing the market with revolutionary all-in-one video marketing solutions. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He praised the product as one that is designed to help businesses stay ahead of the competition by improving their sales.

For Ryan Page, the award confirms that Talk Fusion is geared towards achieving even a bigger goal. The chief technical officer of Talk Fusion pointed out that with the efficient and innovate team at the company, more quality products were in the pipeline. He believes that the firm will soon dominate the industry as more people are adopting Talk Fusion Video Chat.

Talk Fusion is an IT solutions company known for producing the world’s first All-in-one Video Marketing Solution. The product is aimed at helping businesses to stay ahead of the competitions by improving their sales and profits. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He has managed to grow the company exponentially by overseeing the creation of cutting-edge solutions. This information was originally published on Talk Fusion’s website as outlined in the link below

It was a rejoicing moment when John Goullet learned that Diversant was recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) as one the Largest Staffing Firms in the United States, in 2016. Diversant ranked number 166 on the list of U.S. staffing companies. To qualify to make the list, staffing agencies are required to earn $100 million or more in revenue the end of 2015. Diversant exceeded the minimum amount of revenue, reporting $120 million in 2015. Goullet is pleased with the firm receiving recognition for their achievements of providing incomparable informational technology staffing services for 11 years.

John Goullet serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Principle at Diversant, an IT staffing firm headquartered in New Jersey. The firm has expanded nationally with offices locations in Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, New York, and California. Diversant plans to open additional offices in other locations across the nation in 2017. Goullet co-founded Diversant LLC, a privately owned professional consultant and services firm after a merger between Info Tech. and Diversant Inc.

After he completed undergraduate studies at Ursinus College, he entered the workforce and worked for Computer Science Corporation from 1981 through 1983. Later, in 1994 Goullet became an entrepreneur and started Info Technologies, Inc., serving as Chief Executive Officer. Info Technologies was a staffing firm specializing in job placement in the IT industry which experienced rapid growth before merging with Diversant. The company was recognized by Inc. Magazines as the eighth fastest growing U.S. firms out of 500 companies.

Diversant is recognized nationally by the Staffing Industry Analyst, Black Enterprise and Diversity Business. SIA recognized the firm in 2012 and 2013 as the top 60 U.S. fastest growing staffing firms and 50 fastest growing companies. Diversity Business named Diversant as the top 500 African American owned businesses and the top 500 diversity owned businesses in the nation. Co-founders John Goullet and Gene Waddy, IT consultants and staffing agents have done remarkable works building Diversant to greater heights. The entire team collectively contributed to the firm’s financial growth and further expansion into national markets.

As a country, United State has a long-standing history of strengthening and preserving families, and it has been a major objective of nonprofit organizations as well as governmental agencies. However, recent developments are posing challenges to decision-making and historical treatment of prisoners’ families. The factors include inmates’ population increase that is currently numbering over 2 million, high rate of recidivism, an unprecedented increase of women inmates, and re-entry of hundreds of thousands of inmates in the community per year.

Recognition that majority of inmates are parent raise questions about the impact of imprisonment on families and children. Regardless of where the children live after a parent is incarcerated there is always a physical absence of a mother or father figure. According to a social scientist, the impact of Imprisonment on children is conceptualized as loss and demoralization, victimization, and family crises.

The most concrete strategy that inmates and families can use to maintain connection and manage separations is communication. That is where Securus Technologies come in. As a provider of inmate communications solutions, the company has been in the forefront connecting inmates with their families and loved one.

The company has been concerned with creating connections that will allow inmates, parents, and children to share family experiences. In effect, Securus released Video Visitation, which features a fully web-based visitation where contact can be made from any part of the world as long there is internet access.

Video visitation allows inmates to participate in family rituals in such a way that were not possible before. You can imagine a mother in prison partaking in his child birthday celebration, or a parent reviewing his child homework from jail. Video Visitation offers unlimited options for inmates and families to remain emotionally attached. This assures children that their parent loves and care for them and to parent that their children have not forgotten them. Attachment allows inmates to see themselves and accord them incentives to grow, change, and serve their sentence on good behavior.

Securus Technologies has gone further and released a Video Visitation application for both Android and Apple platforms. This brings more options and mobility to visitation process. You can schedule Visitation using your Smartphone, making visitation convenient to everyone. Studies show that family members have roles that are critical in realizing major social goals including preventing Recidivism and delinquency. Moreover, incarcerated parent involvement through creating attachment can help in preventing intergenerational crimes as well as teaching a parent to become better parents.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.