As a country, United State has a long-standing history of strengthening and preserving families, and it has been a major objective of nonprofit organizations as well as governmental agencies. However, recent developments are posing challenges to decision-making and historical treatment of prisoners’ families. The factors include inmates’ population increase that is currently numbering over 2 million, high rate of recidivism, an unprecedented increase of women inmates, and re-entry of hundreds of thousands of inmates in the community per year.

Recognition that majority of inmates are parent raise questions about the impact of imprisonment on families and children. Regardless of where the children live after a parent is incarcerated there is always a physical absence of a mother or father figure. According to a social scientist, the impact of Imprisonment on children is conceptualized as loss and demoralization, victimization, and family crises.

The most concrete strategy that inmates and families can use to maintain connection and manage separations is communication. That is where Securus Technologies come in. As a provider of inmate communications solutions, the company has been in the forefront connecting inmates with their families and loved one.

The company has been concerned with creating connections that will allow inmates, parents, and children to share family experiences. In effect, Securus released Video Visitation, which features a fully web-based visitation where contact can be made from any part of the world as long there is internet access.

Video visitation allows inmates to participate in family rituals in such a way that were not possible before. You can imagine a mother in prison partaking in his child birthday celebration, or a parent reviewing his child homework from jail. Video Visitation offers unlimited options for inmates and families to remain emotionally attached. This assures children that their parent loves and care for them and to parent that their children have not forgotten them. Attachment allows inmates to see themselves and accord them incentives to grow, change, and serve their sentence on good behavior.

Securus Technologies has gone further and released a Video Visitation application for both Android and Apple platforms. This brings more options and mobility to visitation process. You can schedule Visitation using your Smartphone, making visitation convenient to everyone. Studies show that family members have roles that are critical in realizing major social goals including preventing Recidivism and delinquency. Moreover, incarcerated parent involvement through creating attachment can help in preventing intergenerational crimes as well as teaching a parent to become better parents.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.